All of our services with the exception of tailoring and Leather cleaning are carried out at our shop by our experienced friendly staff. Giving you the opportunity to discuss your requirements with the people who will be carrying out the cleaning.

Common dry cleaning care label symbols 


We can provide our customers with a wide range of dry cleaning services, using HiGlo solvent a modified Hydrocarbon solvent:-

  • Garment dry cleaning:

    • Day wear

    • Formal and Evening wear

    • Vestments and Gowns

  • Household dry cleaning

    • Curtains​

    • Furniture Covers

    • Throws

    • Blankets

    • Soft Rugs (Size dependant)


Hydrocarbon - Is still a solvent with excellent cleaning ability, but has the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly.


Let us take on the chore of washing and ironing shirts.

We offer 2 levels of finish, Standard and Hand Finished, both supplied back on a hanger.

Standard finish shirts are finished on our specialised shirt finisher.

Hand-finished shirts are as above but with the sleeves pressed with creases and clipped together. (This  is standard finished for Dress shirts)

Use this service for polo shirts & t-shirts, minimising shrinkage, because of the way they are dried on our shirt finisher.

We can also fold the shirt around a shirt card and bag. Useful if you are travelling.

We do not offer and iron-only service.


We offer laundry service/bag washes for laundry.

Laundry will be washed, dried and folded.

We do not sort laundry so we suggest that laundry is presorted, for example light wash and dark wash, if required.

Laundry will be washed at 40 degrees C and tumble dried on a medium temperature (Approx. 40-50 degrees)

As standard, Bio detergents and a fabric conditioner will be used.

We can use Non-Bio detergents with or without conditioner if required. Please request this when dropping your order off or add it to notes on a home collection order.


We a wash, dry and press service for bed linen and table linen.

As standard Biological Detergents and a fabric conditioner, will be used.

We can use Non-biological detergents with or without conditioner if required. Please request this when dropping your order off or add it to notes on a home collection order.

We can add starch to table linen if required.


We offer a professional wedding dress cleaning service.

There are 2 main options:

  1. Clean and put back in your gown cover.

  2. Clean and Box to preserve dress.

We will have a discussion with you when the dress is bought into us., about any stains or damage on the dress.


We offer a Leather, Suede and Fur cleaning & repair service.

These items require specialist cleaning, we cannot do this on site so we send these items to a specialist cleaner. Cleaning time will vary depending on the item.


We offer a range tailoring to either repair or alter your items for example:

  • Zip replacement

  • Shortening clothes & Curtains

  • Lengthening clothes & Curtains

  • Taking in or letting out.

  • Button replacement

  • Seam repairs

  • Hole repairs & patching (Not invisible)


We offer a sports kit cleaning service for local Rugby and Football teams, we can even collect and return the kit or kits if required.

A  clubs kit is an expensive asset and needs to be cleaned carefully and with the correct amount of detergents, to safeguard not only the kit but also the players.

Very muddy kits can also severely damage domestic washing machines.


With our duvet service, we can clean all types of duvets. The majority of duvets will be laundered, it is not recommended to dry clean duvets except for certain types of filling where there is no choice. i.e Lambswool and silk fillings.

We also clean pillows*, sleeping bags, ,quilted bedspreads and throws.

*Polyester pillows can go lumpy when washed.

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